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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Telegram - Broadcast or Send Message through Programming Java Python C# VB

1. Create a bot token through @botfather.
           1.1 Install Telegram
           1.2 Login to telegram
           1.3 on Search window type @botfather and select
           1.4 type one by one until you see Done !, Congratulations , your token
                    drvautobot     (username)
                   Done !, ...
                   token    123456:dsfd..

2. Copy this token and keep it.
3. Open telegram and create new channel.
     Ex: autobot
     3.1 open autobot channel window
     3.2 click on top to see administrators , click
     3.3 search @drvautobot (bot username), select
     3.4 assign as administrator

Thats it.
Now use browser or programing with GET method.




open your channel window and see the text hello.


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