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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Run Open ATNA, XDS, PixPdq Steps


1. Goto cmd
cd D:\works\BlueCap\POC\openatna\trunk\openatna\all\build

2. java -jar openatna-1.2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

3. open jboss dev stuido workspace  D:\jbdevstudio\workspace\Blue-Cap\openatna
    run junit

Open XDS

1. goto cmd D:\works\BlueCap\POC\openxds\tags\build

2. java -jar openxds-1.0.jar

3. open jboss dev stuido workspace  D:\jbdevstudio\workspace\Blue-Cap

SRC Folder : D:\works\BlueCap\POC\openxds\tags\openxds-1.0-20100309\openxds-core\src\test\java\org\openhealthtools\openxds\integrationtests\

4. use to change the patient id and check that in personidentifier table in protgres

Open Pixpdq

1. goto Tomcat6.0 and run with openpixpdq.war

2. http://localhost:8080/openpixpdq/
   goto configuration module/menu
   load file : D:\works\BlueCap\POC\openpixpdq\trunk\OpenPIXPDQ\conf\tests\actors\IheActors.xml
3. go down in the same page, select all the check box and give one log file path & save it

4. Go to other screens and test it
    Create a patient and see it in postgres openempi database person_identifier

simple open jboss dev stuido workspace  D:\jbdevstudio\workspace\open-pixpdq

FOLLOW 1,2 steps to start 3600 port for pix manager to run directly from IDE

    & run junit
FOLDER: D:\works\BlueCap\POC\openpixpdq\trunk\OpenPIXPDQ\src\test\org\openhealthexchange\openpixpdq\ihe\impl_v2\

NOTE: open openpixpdq context , not in trunk, other wise you cannot see junit in right click run as-> junit

if you want to run with dynamically 100 port, such as 8080 to 8180 ....
 x:\>   standalone.bat -Djboss.server.default.config=standalone-full.xml -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=100

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