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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Your network tariff has changed!

Your network tariff has changed!
Call charges are now calculated according to brain size.
The smaller the cheaper!
Congrats You can make free calls!

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Two devils came in 2 my dreams.

Two devils came in 2 my dreams.
They said,
“We want 2 disturb some good person.”
I suggest them your name.
They said,
“We cannot disturb our boss.”

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Press down if u think u r MAD

Press down if you think you are MAD,
I can’t believe u did that!
For God Sake!
Why u still doing it?
Truth is out now!

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Jubse tumhe dekha hai

Jubse tumhe dekha hai,


Raat ko
Din ko
Subha ko
Sham ko
Khate waqt
peete waqt
Sote waqt
Jagte waqt

Hans hans k bura haal he

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Monkeys fashion show

Hey Dear Kaha ho
Yar Pata Hai Kab Se Wait kar RAha Hoo
Jaldi Aoo Na Ache Se Tayar Ho Kar Aana
Dekho Hamesha Ki Tarah 1st Prize Tumhein Milna
Chahiye Aaj mera Yar Phir
Monkeys Fashion Show Jeete Ga ..

Newton’s laws of LOVE

First law:

A boy in love with a girl continues to be in love with her and a girl in love with a boy continues to be in love with him, until and unless any external agent(brother or father of the girl) comes into play and breaks the legs of the boy.

Second law:

The rate of change of intensity of love of a girl towards a boy is directly proportional to his bank balance.

Third law:

The force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal and opposite to the force applied by the girl while using her sandals.

Universal law:

Love can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transfered from one girlfriend to another girlfriend.

Funny Jokes

Ravan had 20 eyes but he sighted only one woman ….you have only 2 eyes but you sight every woman. Now who is Ravan?
************ ********* *******

Scientists are trying to figure out how long a person can live without brain. Please tell them your age!
************ ********* ********

Munna bhai: agar bina daton ka kuta kate to kya karna chahiye? Circuit: simple bhai , bina sui ke injection lena chahiye.
************ ********* **

Bikhari: 50 paise de de maine 3 din se khana nahin khaya hai.
Kanjoos: 10 rupaye dunga, pahele ye bata 50 paise mein khana kahan milta hai.
************ ********* *******

Santa: Yaar bachpan mein 20 male se gir gaya tha.
Banta: to fir bach gaya ya mar gaya?
Santa: yaad nahin hai bahut purani baat hai.
************ ********* ****

Boy: mom, aaj mera dost ghar aa raha hai….ghar ke sab khilone chhupa de.
Mom: tera dost chor hai kya?
Boy: nahin, woh apne khilone pahechan lega.
************ *********

In aptitude test…River Kaveri is in which state?
Sardar: liquid state.
************ ********* ****

INTERVIEW : Imagine, in a closed room, how can you escape if it caught fire?
Sardar: Simple, stop imagining.
************ ********* *******

Sardar 100 watt bulb par baap ka naam likh raha tha.
Baap ne puchha ‘kya kar rahe ho?’
Sardar : baap ka naam roshan kar raha hoon.
************ ********* **

Two Sardars were walking together.
1st Sardar: Yaar mar gaya , meri biwi aur premika saath aa rahi hain.
2nd Sardar: oye, main bhi yehi bol raha tha.
************ ********* *****

PAPAD aur JAPAD mein kya farak hai.
Khake dekho pata chal jayega.
************ ********* ******

Sardar: in my dreams rats play football every night.
DR: take this tablet you will be ok.
Sardar: Can I take tommorrow, tonight is final game.

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