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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Subversion - SVN Clean UP - previous operation has not finished

  • Right click on folder
  • Go to TortoiseSVN -> Clean Up...
  • Make sure the option to Break Locks is ticked and click OK

- Enjoy

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Pre Open Market Walk Through - Weekly Expiry - 05-06-2019

Important -  Monetary Policy announcement, So watch Bank nifty stocks, that impact will be more in Nifty direction.

1. Expiry - Weekly

2. Global Market:
            US            - Flat
            European  - Green
            Asian        - Mixed
           SGX Nifty - Down with 51 pts

3. FII/DII activities 
                 FII are net sellers of 416cr and DII are also net sellers of 355cr.   
                 Generally FII will buy or sell continuesly.

4. Candles - Nifty forms harami or inside bar candle pattern in days candle..
                     So buy above yest high and sell below yest low and day before high/low is Ur stop-loss. Trade the next week option strikes if you go on long to escape from Theta.

                     BANK NIFTY - Tomorrow monetary policy announce at 2:30 or 4PM.  So be caution and play on hedging.. Your hedging premimum price should not [both CE and PE] goes beyond 100 RS combine and also Straddle only. 

5. VIX is at 15.63 is good for bull market. 

6. USD/INR $ - 69.42 but still it has to come below 69 is good for investment or bull market.

7. Result/Events - Monetary policy, expect the rate cut of basis 25 pts, so second half may expect some volatility. But this news already spread and the market is played well already.

   NOTE - Any more rate cut rather than 25 basis pts will take market to upwards of another 100-200 pts in BN.

8. Max Pain   -  Nifty @ 11800, BN @ 31600.

9. FNO Analasis -   Features              - Nifty - Bullish & BN - Neutral
                                 Option PC Ratio - Nifty - Neutral & BN - Neutral

10. Trend Movements - Nifty may end between 11930-12075.

My Trade Plan

#. Already Short Strangle at OTM 11800, 11850,11900 PE and 12150, 12200 CE, BN done hedging [bullish combo spread].

             Nifty [  Close existing positions which ever below 0.5 and shift to next position with minimal until the direction gets cleared. second half may go with ATM short stradle if required].

Already I made VEGA netural, If that strategy fails, then i will play ITM stradle to make delta neutral.

#. LOTS - Confidential*


- Please feel free to comment and always respected, it will be answered latter.-

Monday, June 3, 2019

Post Market Nifty View - 03-06-2019

#. Vix - 15.97 (-0.62%) decreased- which is good

#. US $ - 69.42  (-0.69%) decreased - so can expect some FII investment

#. Today FII are net buyers involves major money. and nifty totally surge to 12050k + mark.

#. Day Candle - Nifty forms strong bullish candle. But it has near to the major resistance of 12146, once it break and closed. then we have a strong upwards and next major hurdle at 12411 +.

#. wednesday is holiday and thursday monetary policy, hope repo rate will cut by 0.25% and that creates BN volatility ..

#. Short 32100 CE and planning to hedge by tomorrow evening if it close above 31800.

#. Short nifty PE heavily and hedge nifty future and short CE with less qty. I need this expiry to end below 12150 and I can get decent money.

Happy Trading..

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