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Friday, August 2, 2019

Post Market Nifty View - 04-06-2019

#. Today FII are net buyers involves major money. and nifty totally surge to 12050k + mark.

#. Day Candle - Nifty forms strong bullish candle. But it has near to the major resistance of 12146, once it break and closed. then we have a strong upwards and next major hurdle at 12411 +.

#. wednesday is holiday and thursday monetary policy, hope repo rate will cut by 0.25% and that creates BN volatility ..

#. Short 32100 CE and planning to hedge by tomorrow evening if it close above 31800.

#. Short nifty PE heavily and hedge nifty future and short CE with less qty. I need this expiry to end below 12150 and I can get decent money.

Happy Trading..

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